***** The Datatool System 4 is no longer available *****

The Datatool System 4 Thatcham Cat 1 Motorcycle Alarm & Immobiliser

datatool alarmThatcham : The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre

Here's a comprehensive list of the Datatool System 4's features:

Secure PIN override - set your own PIN to disarm if you lose transmitter

Selectable silent or audible arming signal

Intelligent auto sleep mode - protects battery voltage level

Hazard light funtion - activated by remote control

Minimal current drain - 2mA in standard mode

Compact single unit installation

Selectable siren tone - eight tone options

Internal Power Siren - dBA 117

Ferry mode - allows bike to be easily moved

Winter mode - ultra-low power drain

Protective reaction - siren, hazard lights and 2 circuit immobilisation

Failsafe relays - added rider safety

Reaction Cycle - 30 seconds then reset

Small remote control - designed for bikers

Transmitter battery level warning - before it stops working

Random code system - secure disarming

Diagnostic LED - tells you cause of system reaction

Metal Nose Cone - Protects high power siren in the event of an attack

Pre reaction alert - warning beeps when nudged

Three year warranty

Thatcham Category 1 compliant

RRP fitted £400.00 inc. VAT. (includes professional fitting)

(A surcharge may apply if excessive travel required)

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Bruce 07718737102