Ground Anchors and Chains


Grab Bag & Chain

What's in the bag?

1. Fastening strap

2. Grab bag

3. Gloves

4. Abus disc lock

5. Keys (set of two & key code card)

6. Disc lock reminder tag

7. Bolt cutter resistant chain

The all-new chain and disc lock is the industry's first 10mm Thatcham Category 3 approved offering.

Designed to be fully portable complete with its own carrying bag .

The new 10mm reinforced chain is available in two lengths: 1.2m and 1.4m.

The chain combined with the included disc lock offers the ability to secure to an immovable object while immobilising the machine too.

RRP: £149.95 (1.2m) & £169.95 (1.4m)

Ground Anchor

What's in the box?

1. Dust extraction tube

2. Ground Anchor

3. Resin capsules

4. 8mm drill bit

5. Allen key drill attachment

6. Tamper-proof bolt head blanks

7. Fixing bolts

Thatcham Category 3 approved with a drop forged stainless steel construction.

BikeTrac's all-new Ground Anchor has a sleek design that benefits from a 20mm case hardened shackle. Available in a choice of orange, red and green colour options. A comprehensive fixing kit is included.

RRP: £89.95

Professional ground anchor fitting service available

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......or in the absence of Spike, protect your motorcycle with a quality anchor and chain.


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