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***** Monthly subscription now available - only £8.95 inc vat *****

With full 24/7 monitoring and recovery assistance, the Datatool TrakKING system really is your guardian angel.

We don’t believe in gimmicks on serious security products. The Thatcham Category 6 approved Datatool TrakKING system has been designed and built in the UK and is the most user friendly and accurate motorcycle tracking system available today, using the latest GPS chip set technology and SIM card features.

Full 24/7 Monitoring and Recovery Assistance-
Unlike some tracking products available we wont leave you high and dry when it comes to the serious business of protecting your pride and joy. With our 24/7 expertly manned call centre Datatool take complete control in the event of a theft meaning complete peace of mind for the owner

No Speed History Data Logging –
Some of our competitors promote breadcrumb trails with top speeds to sell their product – we don’t! In the event of a motoring offence or incident it may be possible for a competitors tracking device to be interorgated by law enforcement officers, holding all of your recent journey and speed information. Don’t let a breadcrumb trail catch up with you!

Virtually Zero Current Draw –
The Datatool Trakking system boasts virtually zero current draw at a mere half a milliamp meaning your bikes battery is always protected during winter or long periods of inactivity. Even if power is totally removed from the unit it has enough back-up power to keep protecting your machine for 3 months!

Early Warning Feature -
The owner will receive a pre-warning text alert if the TrakKING system is moved within pre-determined geofence boundaries. If the system is moved within its geofence boundaries the TrakKING system will send a text to your mobile phone to alert you. If the bike is then moved outside of these boundaries the TrakKING system will trigger a full alert to our expertly manned 24/7 call centre.

Pinpoint Locate Feature –
Log in to your dedicated account anytime for free and check the whereabouts of your bike. You can even check to see that we’re doing our jobs properly.

Greater Reliability -
A combination of a built in movement sensor, powerful aerial for enhanced reception and waterproof head unit to IPX67 standard means your Datatool Trakking system can withstand whatever life throws it’s way.

Easy User Interface -
The Datatool Trakking system offers users a friendly alternative to protecting their machine with an easy to use online owner portal.

£300.00 inc.VAT (includes professional fitting)

(A surcharge may apply if excessive travel required)

** Please note **

A subscription is also payable direct to Datatool

    Monthly: £8.95 inc. VAT

    Annual: £99 inc. VAT

    3 Year: £279 inc. VAT


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NEW - Datatool TrakKING Adventure

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Datatool TrakKING Adventure delivers the same security peace of mind as the original TrakKING but with a range of additional features including full journey history logging and the ability to create location or event based alerts.

The theft protection activates automatically as soon as the vehicle ignition is switched off and monitors the vehicle for signs of unauthorised movement.

At the first sign of movement TrakKING Adventure will send an SMS text message to the customer advising the bike is moving. If the movement continues and the bike is moved away from where it was parked, TrakKING Adventure will enter full alert mode and notification will be sent to the dedicated 24/7/365 Vehicle Monitoring Team who, if the bike or scooter is confirmed as stolen, will liaise with the Police to aid recovery.

In normal use, TrakKING Adventure will record the vehicle position every 20 seconds and upload that data to the cloud every 2 minutes, giving you a permanent record of every journey. TrakKING Adventure is a true pan European product, with coverage available in all of Western Europe and many countries beyond. Routes can be downloaded and shared with friends and points of interest can be recorded for future reference.

In addition to the tracking capabilities, TrakKING also monitors the vehicle battery and will notify the owner of a low battery condition before the battery becomes completely discharged. If the battery is disconnected an alert will be sent to the monitoring team.

With 24/7 monitoring and dedicated staff, TrakKING Adventure really does deliver peace of mind.

Additional features include:

‘G Sense’ Notifications: (Impact detection and alert) TrakKING Adventure contains a highly sensitive 3D accelerometer which can detect the difference between a fall in a car park and a high speed impact. SMS notifications can be sent to emergency contacts in the event of a high G impact. Customers can enable or disable ‘G Sense’ from the user control panel.

Location Based Alerts: TrakKING Adventure provides the capability to send an alert based on the vehicle arriving or leaving a specified area. E.g. a reminder to pay a toll.

£360.00 inc.VAT (includes professional fitting)

(A surcharge may apply if excessive travel required)

** Please note **

A subscription is also payable direct to Datatool

Monthly: £9.95 inc. VAT

Annual: £109 inc. VAT

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