Meta Defcom T




Thatcham Category 2>1 Alarm Upgrade.

Upgrades the motorcycle's existing immobiliser to make a full Category 1 system

The Defcom T alarm/immobiliser has been designed for motorcyclists who want maximum security at minimum cost.

A well-featured, cost effective, compact design providing discreet installation and making it ideal for all scooters and motorcycles.

This Thatcham Approved 2>1 system upgrades all MC2 immobilisers bringing all the relevant Insurance benefits of full Category 1 status.

Two Micro transmitters

Tiny compact design

Passive arming immobiliser (optional)

Passive arming for full alarm (programmable)

Hazard flash

Visual and audible arming signals (selectable)

Secure override facility activated by the owner's individual PIN code in the event of loss or damage to transmitters

Diagnostic LED

Movement sensor - can be excluded

Loud 100db battery back-up siren

Sleep mode with zero battery drain after 5 days

Low 1.8 mA current consumption

Anti-scan via rolling code system, 7.2 billion possible codes

System test facility in first 26 seconds informs of any faults

Panic facility

Ignition sensing

Thatcham Approved

£400.00 inc. VAT (includes professional fitting)

(A surcharge may apply if excessive travel required)

Bazil 07718737101

Bruce 07718737102

The Meta System M357T V2 Motorcycle Alarm & Immobiliser

No longer available

Meta 357T-V2 Meta alarm thatcham alarm