Datatool Smart Charger/Battery Conditioner

smart charger

Battery Conditioner

What could be worse? - a nice sunny day and your bike won't start - battery flat?

This product is a 'must have' for anybody who over winters their motorcycle.

The Datatool Smart Charger will keep your battery topped up ready to go (without cooking it!)

Especially effective if you have alarm system /tracker etc making a small but constant drain on your battery

Protecting your investment - much cheaper than replacing your motorcycle battery.

Our specialist motorcycle battery conditioner systems are designed to keep your motorcycle battery in its optimum state, especially during long periods of inactivity or cold weather conditions.

The fold-out convenience hook keeps the charger from being kicked around the garage floor whilst the clever charging and diagnostic circuit first tests the battery and then charges it whilst continually monitoring the level of charge. Once the battery is back to the optimum charge level, the Smart Charger switches to maintenance mode, keeping the battery at peak performance for when the vehicle is next used.

A must for all motorcycle owners that can even pay for itself by saving the life of a motorcycle battery.


Suitable for standard lead acid, sealed and maintenance free 12 volt batteries

(note: Not suitable for Lithium-Ion batteries)

800mA peak charging rate

Reverse polarity connection indicator

LED Charging Status guide

Integrated hanging hook for convenience

Charges and maintains batteries from 2 to 50 amp/hour

Diagnostic capability to identify failed batteries

Supplied with bolt-on, water resistant battery fly-lead connection systems and temporary battery clamps

2 year manufacturers warranty

The Datatool Smart Charger comes complete with a waterproof on-bike lead which is intended to be permanently attached to your battery to make connection simple as well as a set of crocodile clips for charging other 12v lead acid batteries.

Available with UK or European plug, suitable for 220-240V mains power only.

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